Ocean Project
One Ocean, One World

JCI Sunway Damansara Flagship Project. To raise the awareness of the public on the importance of ocean & marines life protection. And to create awareness on how the lifestyles on land could affecting the Ocean Biosystem.

Ocean Gaming App

Vegan Food Fair

Ocean & Green Festival

Coral Propagation

Adopt a Coral

Merchandize & Competition

Beach Cleaning

Art Gallery

"Malaysia Blue Ocean Vision" is aimed to create a healthy and natural marine ecosystems, and toxic-free ocean.

  • To increase public awareness on how the daily behaviours affect the marines' life, our mother earth
  • To get people interested in restore the coral reefs.

Kid's art drawing
Art Gallery
  • Create awareness of the Importance of Clean Ocean
  • To promote the beauty of Kid's Art Drawing. Provide them a platform to present themselves in public and get the opportunity to learn kids Entrepreneurship.
Beach Cleaning
  • To improve the beach side environment & cleanliness of Pantai Cunang, Tanjung Sepat.
  • To provide a sustainable income & education solutions for the orang asli.
  • To provide training to local community to create young active
Coral Propagation
Collect, attach, re-plant
Divers or snorkelers collect broken fragments of live coral and small live rock from the location, and bring both to shore in baskets. Participants in the program sort and prepare the coral, before attaching the 2cm high fragments to the live rock. The catalyst is then used to help bond the coral quickly to the rock. After two weeks, the catalyst dissolves the bonding agent leaving the coral attached by itself to the live rock, and there is no glue or toxin left behind.
Ocean Gaming
Game Concept
  • Save the coral virtually & physically.
  • Breed Coral, Attract Sea Creatures, Decorate your Coralium, Clean the Ocean.
  • Platform: Mobile: IoS & Android.
  • Target Demographic: Children friendly, but adult enjoy playing too. All Regions, no language & culture issue. Both Male and Female.
Who are we looking for
  • Volunteers
  • Trainers
  • Ocean savers Organizations
  • Marine Researchers
  • Youth Organizations
Partnership/ Sponsorship
  • Corporates CSR
  • Influencers/ KOL
  • Media Partners
  • Photographer & Videographer
  • Legal/ Trademark Advisor
  • Finance/ Tax/ Audit Consultant
Orang Asli
(Indigenous people culture exchange)